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My bedroom ❤
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My bedroom ❤

Photo: G. Schiavone
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Photo: G. Schiavone

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Absolutely jealous!!!
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Absolutely jealous!!!


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Thera-band exercises ♡


How does it works?

- The theraband creates added resistance to simple exercises, making them more challenging and more efficient. 

Where can I buy a thera-band?

-They can be found at dance or exercises store or Walmart and Ebay.

As with all strengthening exercises, WARM UP FIRST! 

1) Sit on the floor in pike position with feet flexed. Wrap the theraband around the balls of your feet and pull tight. Slowly bend one knee while you stretch through all the points of the other foot until it is fully pointed, then switch, bend the other knee and stretch the other foot.

2) Sit on the ground with your knees bent and feet resting. Fold the theraband in half and lay it on the ground in front of you. Sitting up straight(you can use a wall if you want), use your toes to pick up the theraband and slowly drop it, spreading all of your toes to pick it up again, and drop it. Repeat as much as you’d like! You can also do this by using marbles and just picking them up.

3) Sitting in a pike position, wrap the theraband around the ball(s) of one or both feet. Put the ends together and pull to create tension. Now point and flex the foot/feet slowly, going through every position of the foot. This creates a stronger, more controlled foot and helps with exercises such as tendus, degages, etc. It also helps build strength for pointework.

4) Lay on your back with one leg straight up in the air, 90 degree ankle with the floor. Wrap the theraband around the ball of that foot and pull for resistance. Now, slowly, flex VERY hard, and stretch it all the way, flex, stretch, over and over until it burns. If done properly, this should also give you a good hamstring stretch!

5) Stand in first position and tie the theraband around both leg tightly midthigh. Holding onto a barre/something for support if needed, do eight rond de jambes en d’hors(outside) and eight rond de jambes en de dans(inside). Do this on both legs. The resistance should make these harder than normal rond de jambes. Focus on rotating out and going through each position.

6) Lay on your back with your knees bent, wrap the band around your thighs, then roll your pelvis and back up so that you are making a flat surface with your thighs and stomach, then slowly roll through your spine back down. Repeat. To make this harder, do it with one leg crossed over, resting on the other thigh. You really have to work to keep your pelvis level!

7) Lie on your back with knees bent and place the theraband running the length of your body underneath you. Grasp the end of the bend with both hands behind your head with elbows out wide. Now proceed as you would doing normal crunches, curling up until your shoulder blades are off of the floor. Try to keep your “belly button” pressing to the floor, not letting your abs “crunch up” even though these are called crunches.

8) Standing with feet parallel, shoulder-width apart and the band tied in a circle around the legs, above the knee, slowly step to the right and plié, then return to original position. Do 10 repetitions to each side.

There are many exercises with thera-bands and in especific areas too. If you want an area in especific or more exercises, please let me know, and ask me (if you ask in anon, I’ll probably not answer, so ask with your tumblr). Hope you like it! 


Dina Johnsen.
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Dina Johnsen.

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Anonymous asked: I would really like to learn ballet (it's been a dream of mine since I was really young...) but I'm really scared of what people might think of me (because I have facial piercings and tattoos...) do you think I just go for it and hope for the best or no.... (sorry if I'm bothering you..)

You don’t have to care about the others, for sure. Do what you love and go for it! Forget about the rest and just do what you want. You like piercings and tattoos, YOU! They have nothing with that!!! Just go for it, girl. Your dream, your life, your problems. My english sucks, I’m from Brazil hahaha hope you understood! 


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The Nutcracker Ballet.
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The Nutcracker Ballet.

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