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morebrokenthanuknow asked: I took my first class at 5, and was on my way to pointe by the time I was 10.. However, I moved out of the us, and was unable to find a class. I started back at 15 and am currently 16 and hopefully back on the road to pointe. All I can say to people is that even when you're a little out of shape and got boobs and a butt, it's never too late. (: -Effie

Love your story! Brava!

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lacepearlsandcombatboots asked: I started when it was little but had to stop because I also moved to the US where we didn't have the time or money to take ballet classes here. But I started taking ballet classes again at my university since the classes are already paid for with my tuition. The classes I took at the beginning were ballet 1 classes where there was a range of experience level. I didn't really feel out of place, even after I moved onto more advance classes because everyone is really nice and helpful :)

Thanks for sending in your ballet story! I’m sure it will help encourage someone. It definitely did me! :)

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Am I too old to start ballet?

Lately, we’ve been getting a lot of questions about whether such and such age is too late to start ballet. I figured I would tell you my story to give you an idea that while it’s never too late to start ballet, the chances of being able to dance professionally are slimmer the later you start.

As a 4 year old, I took my first ballet lesson and hated it because my mom wasn’t allowed to be in the room with me. I had separation issues so I refused to go back for the next lesson. Then when I was 10, I gave ballet another go. I danced for one summer and decided to pursue ice skating instead because for some reason my ballet teacher said that I couldn’t take both at the same time. Finally, when I was 16, I was watching Center Stage for the first time and fell absolutely head over heels in love with the idea of dancing ballet (again!). I just knew in my heart that I had to finally do it and stick with it.

Thankfully, my friend’s mom was a ballet teacher so I contacted her and asked her the exact same question you have, “I would love to start dancing ballet but I’m 16. Is it too late?”

Her reply to me was “Sweetie, it’s never too late! As long as you promise to work hard and give me your best, I will make you into a ballerina. Be in class next week and we’ll get you started.”

I came to class in my ballet uniform and joined the Foundations Class. I was doing pliés facing the barre and doing little half jetes across the floor with girls almost four years younger than me! The older girls in class gave me funny looks and talked about me behind my back but I didn’t really care. I was finally doing something I should have been doing for years.

After a couple months and months of challenging work, I was promoted to the advanced class and was told to purchase my first pair of pointe shoes. It was the peak of my ballet goal, and I had attained it.

Unfortunately, after almost 2 years of dancing, I had to stop because I moved to the US and ballet classes here are not cheap. But, if I was given the opportunity to take classes again and to work hard for those satin shoes, I would in a heart beat.

So for those of you asking if you’re too old for ballet, just remember that as long as you know that you will be passionate about ballet and that you will work your hardest, then you are never too old for it.

Tendus and Jetes,


P.S. Do you have a similar story? At what age did you start ballet? Will you go for it and start dancing? Tell us in the comments below!

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So beautiful <3
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So beautiful <3

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Anonymous asked: Since I was 7 I've always wanted to dance ballet. It has always been my dream. I just turned 14 and I will start to go to ballet lessons in September, finally <3 But many people have told me that 14 is 'too old' to start dancing ballet. Is it true?

Yayyyy! And no. Anything is possible if you just believe! <3


Please, stop sending anonymous messages. If you can be indentified then I’ll be able to answer all in private. If they are anonymous then the blog will be flooded with messages and it’ll be troublesome for everyone. Thanks.

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